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The Jaunt

I love reading. Fiction, non-fiction, any genre; I love it all.

Today I read The Jaunt. It’s a short story by Stephen king, and it’s fantastic.

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My girlfriend booked a day off work today! As usual, we decided to do something interesting.

We somehow ended up at a lovely little tailors. They add special materials to clothing.

They specialised in fur.

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Day 31 – Mixing it up

We’re coming to the end of January.

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Day 30 – Vegetarian

In theory, being a vegetarian is logical to me.

I love animals. Dogs turn me into some high pitched man-child. Then again, so do cats, horses, chickens, cows…you get the idea.

cow hair machine wind wig

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Working for the world’s biggest tech company

You know who they are.

I’ve previously written about their recruitment process, which you can find here: Getting a job at the world’s biggest tech company

Now lets talk about what it’s like working there!

apple tim cook its happening

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Day 29 – The tip fiasco

I was involved in a horrendously awkward scenario this evening.

It’s Friday, so we were having pizza. My girlfriend had a two for one voucher, so it wasn’t even expensive. We went all out and had some fancy cookie dough desert too. It’s Friday, you have to treat yourself, right?

We’re having a great old time. Our server was a lovely girl who couldn’t do enough for us. We agreed that she’d get a nice big tip at the end.

All done, we get the bill. We’ve done this time and time again; we know our stuff. This isn’t our first rodeo. We’re going to press the little “Add gratuity” button when paying by card, give her a big tip and everything is fine.

There wasn’t the option to “Add gratuity” when we were paying.

We had no change.

We couldn’t tip our fantastic waitress.

awkward justin timberlake

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Day 28 – Cycling

One of my closest friends is hugely into bikes. He loves them. He can sit and talk about different frames, gears and wheels for ages.

Today I met up with him at the place his bike was being repaired.

video fun crazy bike tricks

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Day 27 – Use a pen

I have a notepad. It’s full of ideas and drawings, but mainly just boring information I’ve needed in the past for meetings.

That’s right! Instead of my laptop, I always preferred to take my notepad to meetings.

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Day 26 -Timberland boots

When I was about 12 I had a pair of Timberland boots. They were great. Nothing could stop them, and I was the only guy in the school who had a pair.

I’ve recently started seeing them start popping up again. Since when have Timberland boots been back?!

In NYC they seemed to be everywhere, but not as much over here.

I think they’re great, but really don’t think I can pull them off. I saw someone wearing them with light grey joggers today. Wasn’t the best look. I’d at least wear them with decent jeans.

Might have to give them a go again soon!

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