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A quick review of the coldest film in the world: The Revenant


I saw The Revenant today.

God, the cast must have been cold filming it.

trailer hd horse badass leo

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The tale of the testicle

It was a lovely, warm summer’s morning. The sun was beaming through the windows, and the birds outside were singing.

I’d just put on some Bob Marley to listen to whilst I shower, and the water took no time at all to heat up. I had a text on my phone asking if I wanted any coffee, and now it was waiting for me two floors below. It was a perfect start to a day.

I’m showering away, when I realise that one of my bollocks is seriously hurting. A quick feel around showed that it had also gotten bigger.

With Easy Skanking blaring away in the background it was clear; I was going to die. My balls had betrayed me.

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Working for the world’s biggest tech company

You know who they are.

I’ve previously written about their recruitment process, which you can find here: Getting a job at the world’s biggest tech company

Now lets talk about what it’s like working there!

apple tim cook its happening

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Day 10 – The day without coffee

I’m far too reliant on coffee. I can drink a borderline disgusting amount, and have it with only the tiniest dash of milk.

I started drinking the stuff back when I was working on one of my first websites. I was on 9am-4am working days, so it kept me sharp.

Today I didn’t have any.

coffee fry

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Getting a job at the world’s biggest tech company

I’m not even going to name the company, you probably immediately know who I’m talking about. Plus they have a history of being difficult for those who talk about them! They make a whole range of tech products and both sell and repair them in-store. This company is known all over the world, and a startling amount of people seem to dream of working there.

Well I used to, and it was interesting to say the least.

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Some lovely refugee children made me a bracelet

You can’t escape the endless news about the “migrant crisis” that’s happening at the moment. Loads of men, women and children are escaping the atrocities in Syria to find a better life over here in Europe. Who can blame them?

And some of the children made me a bracelet.

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Go to the barbers, not the hairdressers

I used to get my hair cut every six weeks or so by a family friend who was a hairdresser. It cost me about a fiver, took about ten minutes to finish, and that’s that. I got a decent cut by someone who knew exactly what I wanted, and how to do it.

Then I went to a barbershop…

Banana Republic cute fashion model hair

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What goes on at an “exclusive members club”?

Not long after I started my first serious business I became aware of a fancy members only club in the city. This is the place where all the top execs in the area sit and have drinks, so the facilities and networking opportunities must be fantastic right?

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Buying presents for your girlfriend is a nightmare

This year my girlfriend made it very clear what she wanted for Christmas: a lovely handbag. We went to the fancy department store, and bought the bag. Happy days!

However, I was still below the agreed spend limit we had for each other. And because her bag isn’t a surprise, it’s solely up to me to buy the other gifts. She won’t help me,  it’s all on me.

Which is a nightmare.

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