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Men Don’t Talk


I’m ill.

My chest is knackered, my throat is a mess and my head is banging.

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The tale of the testicle

It was a lovely, warm summer’s morning. The sun was beaming through the windows, and the birds outside were singing.

I’d just put on some Bob Marley to listen to whilst I shower, and the water took no time at all to heat up. I had a text on my phone asking if I wanted any coffee, and now it was waiting for me two floors below. It was a perfect start to a day.

I’m showering away, when I realise that one of my bollocks is seriously hurting. A quick feel around showed that it had also gotten bigger.

With Easy Skanking blaring away in the background it was clear; I was going to die. My balls had betrayed me.

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I’m a very, very fidgety guy. I can never sit still.

This can be fairly annoying in meetings that drag on and on and on, but generally speaking it doesn’t have much of a negative effect on my day to day life.

A while ago I had a chat with my doctor about it.

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Day 7 -Breakups and failed ventures

My cousin has just split up with his girlfriend. They were together for a few years, and split amicably.

I only know because he told my older sister. And tonight me, my younger sister, and the recently single cousin were at my older sisters house for a take away. This would be the first time I saw my cousin since his breakup.

And I’m terrible in awkward situations.

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Going out on New Years Eve is terrible

Christmas is my favourite time of year by a long shot. Endless great food, and you can drink like an alcoholic and nobody hands you AA leaflets.

We’re all now at the point where we’re scared that the cumulative hangover could kill us, and then we remember: it’s New Years Eve tomorrow.

And we can’t be bothered.

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Living with your parents in your twenties

It’s not ideal, but many of us are in this situation. Decent jobs are few and far between, and the cost of moving out is astronomical.

So we stay with our loving parents until it’s economically viable to move out. And it can be difficult, to say the least.

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Don’t sacrifice your friends or family

I spent the best part of two years without any friends. I prioritised the business I was running at the time, and ended up not seeing my friends for a very, very long time.

I learnt a great deal from this business. Most importantly though, I learnt that it’s all pointless if you have nobody to celebrate with.

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Why is making £1,000,000 no longer good enough in business?

One of my companies failed because we were thinking too big. The software had the potential to be worth an astronomical amount of money, and talks with investors and VCs made it clear that we were on the right path. Our three year projections were showing profits over over £20,000,000, so things were looking good! Everything halted after a competitor blew us out of the water. The question remains: If we started smaller, could we have survived?

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You don’t need to be nasty to succeed in business

When you first start a business, the world is your oyster. You see every person on the street as a new opportunity, and dream about what you’ll do with your first million.

It’s no secret that along the way you will have to make tough decisions. You might have to fire people in the long run, which isn’t fun. But if you relish this side of business, you won’t get anywhere. Businesses thrive on good relationships, and if you’re known as being too nasty, people won’t want to work with you.

I know a lot of very, very successful people. They are all incredibly humble, even though they drive lovely cars and live in beautiful houses. One of these guys retired not long ago, and his staff were all genuinely upset to see him go. He’d challenged them, always being firm but fair. He was never mean, or saw himself as above anyone.

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Being driven is a quality that you most certainly need, just don’t feel the need to trample people along the way. You’ll end up much happier in the end, and that’s what it’s all about.


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