A Man Called Tom is a new website that gives you an insight into the mind of the modern man.

All the content comes from one source: Tom.

I’ll be challenging the preconceived ideas that people have on men, commenting on various things in the news, answering questions from everyone and giving other modern men help and advice wherever they need.

Lots of Mums out there have no idea what their son is thinking, feeling, or what he gets up to when he’s sat in his room on his computer.

A huge amount of young men out there have things going on in their life where they don’t know who to talk to, or where to get advice. Or where to take their girlfriend on their first date.

I’m here to let you into my mind; I don’t speak for everyone in their early twenties, but knowing how I think and feel could help.

I’ve had experience in owning and failing various businesses. A few months ago I was butting heads with a co-founder, about to get a six figure funding package.

I’ve written for loads of different places, and passed opinion on even more things. There’s nothing quite like being gifted some lovely hardware and tearing it to shreds in front of a PR rep.

I’ll be writing here regularly, covering anything that I think of. I welcome you all to ask questions, tell me what I’m doing right or wrong, or just read away.

Give me an email at contact@amancalledtom.com if you want to submit a question to Ask Tom, or just fancy a chat.