My one duty as a bridesmaid was to sort out the photographer.

Today we met up with him!

If you’re here for the first time, I’m one of my sister’s bridesmaids. I’m her brother, and she sees it fit that I be on her squad of bridesmaids. I won’t be wearing a dress!

My only job was to sort out the photographer.

We met up with the guy at an amazing little coffee shop in the city centre. He went through everything with my sister and her fiancé, giving them a hugely detailed overview of what he’ll be doing on the day.

I never realised quite how much goes into being the photographer at a wedding.

The amount of factors you need to consider is crazy. My favourite is the clause in his contract that protects him from any complainants if someone ruins a photo by being in his way.

Apparently family members with their phones out taking pictures is the number one annoyance. My sister agrees, so that won’t be an issue!

Once the day is over all you really have left, apart from the memories, is the photos.

That’s why she’s gone all out with a truly fantastic photographer.