I’m a very, very fidgety guy. I can never sit still.

This can be fairly annoying in meetings that drag on and on and on, but generally speaking it doesn’t have much of a negative effect on my day to day life.

A while ago I had a chat with my doctor about it.

My doctor is a seriously top man. I don’t see him often, but when I do he’s spot on. He’s helped me with everything from the time he sent me to get my lungs scanned, to the time he fondled me because one of my balls suddenly got bigger. That’s a tale for another day. The bottom line is that this doctor is tip top. God I love the NHS.

I only spoke to him about my concentration/fidgeting issues because my sister told me to. She wanted me to make sure I wasn’t dying of some horrible disease, so I called him.

He asked me a few questions, we had a nice chat, and he prescribed me some pills. He gave me Propranolol, which is actually a beta-blocker–they slow your heartbeat. He told me to take one whenever I really can’t sit still, or when I’m set to be in a meeting where I need to concentrate fully. He told me to give them a go, then ring him back after a week.

I rarely ever take them.

One of the reasons I think people like me in meetings is that I am excitable. I do get passionate about things. I do use my hands to talk like a demented Italian.

I had one pill today just because I couldn’t sit still at all. I’d sit down for five minutes, then be up again just wandering round the house looking for nothing in particular. It’s not like being bored, it’s much more annoying. It’s stressful and tiring, so I popped a pill.

It did chill me out a bit.

I never did ring the doctor back after the first week. I’ll add it to the to-do list.